SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION – .. (From, it feels, around ~100~ b****y years ago)

SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION / RANDOM TEXTS  placed for artists’ learning, not necessarily reviewed or edited.

and don’t assume that ..

<<< Nov 2018 :- >>> By now, we’ve come a bit further than when this page was first written ..

it’s more finished but still very UNfinished, so most of this page might still apply.

However, barring any typos / unintentional mis-wordings which haven’t been checked+corrected prior to publication on the site ..  (and which should be rare ) ..

the Artist-Authors ( ‘Prof. -T-‘ , & Jahnni & Co ) stands by everything, presented by them on A-BRAIN-DOT-CO, as being expression of the Truth ..

.. as they understand it   ( <- And which is in the ‘normal’ way, btw .. not “Truth” as defined in some convoluted, abstract-art-manipulated, philosophically-twisted controversion or interpretation of the word. Just to be clear) >>>

.. you’re getting ‘hidden knowledge’ cos of what’s written and ‘published by mistake’ ! – you’re (poss) only getting misleading ‘what-you-think’s-knowledge’ from Author’s work-(on-this-site) -in-progress .. parts could possibly come across 100% opposite of intentioned argument, e.g. (altho’ I doubt it, as yet).

Some ARTicles, PAGES, POSTS, TITLES etc., on THIS SITE ARE INCOMPLETE / partial + therefore possibly could be read OUT-OF-CONTEXT … 

  >>>  ‘ PROCEED WITH CAUTION !!! ‘ <<< (which, to be fair, should apply to all that we ‘read+believe’ on the internet). is a Work-In-Progress (a wipping) :

Content, format / design and usability, of this site are likely to be ( er, might be) refined over coming months. The bad spelling, however, will not. That’s part of the package.

– – –