Caveat for the Content of This Site


A Brain Dot Co –


  • So these texts are not necessarily adequately researched +/or edited by the author(s).

  • ALL on this site (apart from external contributors via posts or whatever) IS the Author’s ‘Point of View’ / Perception + Processments = Current OPINION (‘poV’) and

  • All is originally self-written / created.

  • As the authors don’t get out much, much may have been inspired by work of writers / creators within the creative and media fields .. and via the socio-cultural Environments of all our mutual domain;

  • Adverse to the concept of un-credited plagarism (of any Other’s works) – stealing from Others’ one-body-life’s time and Self-Energial-Efforts, to secretly Fake-Up your Self, to pretend to Be something you’re not (is your True Self really so-o Bad you can’t bare it ?) ( <- oh yeah, i get it, you’re really are not that Bad. But Society ‘says’ you are, contains and constrains who You are, by it’s structures and systemics it forces and contorts how you are, you’ve little choice but to be so .. so to survive? <– [ NO! Not good enough! In  our societies we have to WIN (or at least look like you are), ” ‘Cos, if you’re not headed straight on Winning my friend, then you’re a space-wasting Loser .. So long Pal – get outta my way! “].  And he’s the one with all the money. << [ ” Duu-u-u-r-r-rr! .. Simple equation, eh?!?!! “].

Yeah, that is a major core thing we have wrong in our ‘advanced’ ‘progressive’ ‘civilised’ societies ..   we are asking for the Civility of anyone who may want to re-use any of this site’s content, to ensure they credit the site / artist(s).

  • Similarly,  the Author(s) will very happily credit any such of Others’ material where used (and where realised).

  • If something’s mistakenly incorporated as ‘original’ – see above – and is unintentionally uncredited, please inform JAHNNI of A BRAIN DOT CO (this site) so that it can be corrected.

<<< The profusion of cliches alone make this a strong possibility, perhaps .. <- ( joke .. please do not notify of the ‘very few cliches and ‘sayings’ which might have very rarely mistakenly slipped in’. Ahem. (we know).

  • This website is an Experiment. E.g., Its boss is a ‘naïf’, a naive wwwebber;  Doesn’t know much about the wwweb culture, don’t know much about social ‘rules’ and the like.This because, until now, the site’s ‘Capo Composer’ has been wilfully shut off from and blinkered to much of the socialising ‘chatter’ and digital socialisation of our current global Time-Space.

  • So it’s a work-in-development on a learning curve.

  • This site is intended as a CREATIVE ENTITY, NOT a ‘highly accurately-researched, professionally knowledgable and authoritive, scholarly, (or properly spelt) publication.                                                                                                Rather, It’s an Art Product.