About This Web Site’s Author + Construction

All material on abrain dot co is original work – by the Artist-Author’ ..

.. ” Prof. -T- ” ( Professor Hyphen T Hyphen )

or, less formally, ” Prof. Dash T Dash ”

[ Replace ‘ XYZ ‘ with correct name] ->

While much of the site’s material having been composed within the past 5 or 6 years, and this project having been nearly 2 decades in the making –  yet Prof. -T- still not having projectively exhibited or published any of it in any publicly recognisable visible or tangible form – as is required / defined by our contemporary social, cultural and commercial society .. i.e Exhibit or publish, invite others to view and make money to live from it (or else it’s “not valid .. only a (selfish) hobby” perhaps).

XYZ has instead been working, intentionally @ home(s) ‘alone’, as your archetypal hermit / ivory tower artist might .. psychologically – and phaseley, and to large extents with willed cultural deprivation) – at the least.

There is another aspect to this history.

XYZ believes, and has been believing throughout, that the everydaily living and consequent stream of random works produced over those years are, in fact, published / exhibited / shown .. to any number of people ‘ of whom I don’t know’ said XYZ – even if via some niche or discarded corner of the internet – although XYZ has had no (known) control, agency, knowledge or access to the mechanics of such broadcast (or whatever it is) and output activity .. beyond that of having control, agency, knowledge and access to the mechanics and output of the activity of XYZ’s own life.

<– … but .. it took a long, long time before i stopped whining etc., and Realised that. ( i.e. a ‘simple’ fact of life’ ).

But the practice of Doing – the Everydaily Living of the realisation – is the bit that is in need of, um .. ‘quite a lot more’ (and fully and properly applied!!!) ..er, practice. Don’t know if I’ll do it afore I die .. but one can but try (actually i’m a bit slack on even that ‘trying’ bit (apart from, perhaps, the tedia*se meaning of the word – it must have been beyond trying for all those who i let down by failing to meet any (albeit, in my mitigation, ‘imaginary’) deadlines or other people-involved commitments.

Even flicking this switch has been infuriatingly slow .. I am bored of this state so ..

The intention had been to present the works on https://abrain.co as professionally polished, and artistally-satisfactory, finished forms.

But priorities have shifted. Now ‘the mainstream’ appears to be overtaking .. the stuff XYZ mulled over several years ago and now XYZ is getting left behind!!! .. Behind the curve!!! (which would make everything boring??? I don’t know but it’s … P-a-a–n-n-i-i-i-c !!! )

So, Although over time it may become more refined, for now – getting this thing happening because it’s organically changing as part of the artist’s life – so they’ll be amounts of unfinished (most of it?) written, drawn, photographed pieces which shall be more akin, i think, to extension of the work studio rather than exhibition. (and it’ll could also .. utilising such a slap-dash methodolgy (of not scrutinising one’s own work sufficiently)  contain embarrassing (or embarrassingly bad) bits.

That’s NOT why the name of abrain.co’s creator is XYZ ( & ‘ -T- ‘ , etc.)