Post-GICCS .. New Human ? [ Vn.A – Text-TYPED version ]

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Post-GICCS .. New Human ?

(Nastiness on The Net)

This is probably a bit old hat now but why are we – as a society, general media, government poVing – so shocked by what the internet throws up from the attitudes expressed online .. such as abusive trolling, extremist anything, perverted abhorrances, personally unbeforeknownst levels of sufference and cruelty ‘at play, right now’ in our one shared societal space on Earth ?

What people express online is not thought and behaviour which only exists because of the www .. it is humans being (a slice-version of) themselves, and as we have – generally – always done throughout our civilisationary developmental history –

the thoughts, words, behaviour, themselves might be freshly mind-minted but the omni-humanic conditions which enable and generated them have existed, throughout the human species in the world, for millennia.

Pre-GICCS there were still as many 1

As Differently Formed As You Are From They,

Adults in our world society,

Alive and kicking, doing their one-life stuff,

– as there are now.

It’s just that we didn’t know about it.

And human beings – all of us probably – can be (personally) repellant to perceive and encounter. Our species – yes, species, not only certain specific individuals within it – can be abhorrantly repulsive. Disgusting. We know.

However, because the survival of our species, post-GICCS, depends (I posit) upon our especial talent for Humanic Civilisation, the fact that we have individuals who are so sick that their resultant interactions and own-life behaviours cause sufferance and (often lingering after their body-life has gone) (social) pollution to others – is a species’, individually-composed societal, problem which needs sorting.

Because what such people are doing / saying is not ‘new’ – the conditional roots and causes and created conditions are common throughout our time. Via Civilisation (incorporating such as universal education), we have come to understand – and then able to rectify, solve, salve, or to recalibrate / synch with the ‘species-sustaining Natural’ currents (of omni-Life on Earth) so that – as a society – we don’t produce people who feel they need to do or live this way.

As the life experience and news of ‘0h-sso-differently-formed-from-us’ peoples of the world have become increasingly closer to each of us personally, affecting as an individual who responds emotionally (humanically) to their story,

With the advents of ‘formalised’ (widespread-commonly-universal and grammatical) Language, and thanks to the wise (not greedily selfish and/or scaredy-cat) people throughout the ages who have Shared their Knowledge 2, via the Arts (including story-telling and drama), via the printed and published word of recent centuries, through camera, radio, and television,

the scope and scape of the recorded and received human has increased .. and now, when the sheer abhorrance, the foul and stinking, the ugliness, the repulsivity of what we humans can be (or say) – and sometimes are – is splashed smash into our (previously complacent) faces – the feed and format of human revelation via 24/7 internet / GICCS systemics, shoots straight through our eyeballs3 and immediatley enlivens the organs of our Self’s ‘humours’?? passions (anger, sadness, fear, sorrow, pro-activism, whatever). It’s the most individually, personally, direct intra-stranger-human communication (overall, Conversation) (Hu)man has yet known.

People (I find) are often disgusting and repellant (to me). But, we don’t dwell on those parts of ourselves (which are Truth, however ugly) which serve no (species-beneficial) purpose when there is so much more of the Beautiful and Very Good in and abounding around us also.

It’s the suddenness and masses involved. (The political and cultural reactions have been) Shock, over-excitement, and forgetting the raw human we’ve always known, are perhaps too prevalent in some of our (government’s) reactive policy designs.

There’s also the ‘forgetting (of) our Selves’ in this 21st century global grabbing rush of digitech Progress.

Much may ‘ need to be “civilised” in the lawness wild westians of the www’ .. but constraining people’s conversation with each other, restricting them from free and open communicatory access to it (debarring loadsamoney of course) is not the way to go – it’s 180 ° in the wrong direction. 4

Conversation – valued use of Language – between the Difference of People is the only way to understanding, thereby fortifying the courage – and the tolerance capablities the respect – of Strangers (and enemies), as is necessary for Human Civilisation to develop in any future-sound way.

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– – – FOOTNOTES – – –

1“as many” is not scientific / accurate .. → ‘~proportionately~ as much’ ← still not correct – with civilisation of society, for example, certain human traits / behaviours diminish. Or, at times / phases traits will become dormant or nearly extinct perhaps, then grow again later. Etc. As in civilisationary evolution for example.

2Sharing of Truth / Knowledge (and the Good of Life) is one of the humanically healthy human species’ attributes.

3And into our ears and through our fingers / body (vibrations etc).

4E.g. re censorship, law-making increasingly inhibiting certain public affiliations or access. The fact that a load of people (predictable) are abusing (preditable) the value of Language and Converstaion via the internet (propoganda/ disinformation/etc, eg.,) shouldn’t necessitate closing things down, restricting freedom of speech or expression etc. Rather these things should be either ignored (where their value is equated with the humanic reality of what it is ( ‘trolling’ = garbage from someone you wouldn’t otherwise give a glance to .. the’re not substantial, significant or (need necessarily be) )irritant in your one-body-life-onEarth .. equating the ‘value’ f that message with the realilife person+circumstance who just wrote it) .. or otherwise Countered. This should be more the way of law and politcy design I think. Disinformation will abound. That’s why the value of truth, language and trust are essential humanic constituents which really need – now, before we all get too ‘Merged-Up-with-Digitech-In-our-Organic’ [ M.U.D.I.O’d ! ] – refreshing and nurturing. It’d be good for us. And Essential for Civilisation. [THIS PARA : Clarify meaning/wording ?? Rubb? CHK ].


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