The World’s Socio-Political Awries @ Mo

The World’s Socio-Political Awries @ Mo

Could it be possible that ..

the Socio-Political Challenges being faced daily by our national Societal Arbiters-Leaders ..


.. Why there’s widespread numbers of public unrest .. why Politically-Extremist-Attractions (incorping violence) are gaining around the Western world (previously of ‘moderate’ or ‘progressive’ liberal democratic bents) .. why there’s the sheer ‘Craziness’ of things, of centuries-old, millennia-old even, societal institutions, structures and systemics being seriously (→ existentially) challenged, from diverse and unforeseen1 directions and forms / the public ..

Are all borne of the one same thing ?

All this behaving badly around the world, the (humanically-) indecent (from a Civilisationary sense) Words and behaviours, of so many .. of so many of the publicly viewed – so many such in positions of premiership, ( “until it all became so topsy-turvey, oh my!”) so publicly respected, revered even –

.. This one same thing passes through everyone in a human life .. it’s a (useful) Constituent of Nature, and of our Selves .. as we mature from birth to through adulthood, we hope to train, temper, master, our Naturally instinctual reactions from it enabled to do so by deeper understanding of the Thing, the Reality .. not solely our own Self’s processments of it ..

We’re enabled to Civilise our primal Instincts by ‘ Knowledge + Adequate Own-Brain-Processing ‘ .. Everyone in life, from ‘your loser-s***-pile-dregs-on-the-street ’ – ‘up’ – even2 to the societally-’highest’ ( at least, we’re taught to believe ) of our species, such as presidents, prime ministers, premiers, ‘Dear Leaders’ or kings Feel it .. and have to deal with it ..


The Leaders / Politicians must particularly Feel so (at least intellectually) since GICCS, since the millions of ‘mob’ have raised their faces, asking questions, making demands .. . much bigger, much louder.

( ‘Mob’ often = “People we don’t like .. and who are angry about our self-expression of that fact ! ” .. probably).

The Especial Skill for which Politicians are primarily employed, and for which we’d expect them to have strong aptitude / skill (or the nouse to have such on tap, from an ever-contactable adjunct .. 100% Organic Human only, Google / A.I. won’t do) is ..

– given that we allow them to assume such responsibility – with, of course, its attendant prestige / contacts / money / salary / etc.) – as for the (potentially nihilistic / Life-creating) Power, over the rest of every one of our lives, as citizens on Earth, –

.. is To Understand and so be necessarily Qualified to Legislate for Human Beings, their job’s main purpose

– to tend, train and bind where necessary (and in accordance with the Flows and Forms of Nature), and support for Humanic Betterment, the socio-structural Shape and Flavour of their / our (Everydaily) Environment *


If they justly represent then they understand us .. why do they appear not to hear ?

If they can hear us, why do they ignore us? If they ignore us why do they disrespect us ?

Don’t they trust us ?

.. of the Human

Fear of Human Being.

Fear .. even .. of the Own Self (being as it is the ‘same’ thing)  ..


Which  ~ ? ~  =>

Fear . . . . . . . . . . . . < ~ % ← ~ = ~ → % ~ > . . . . . . . . . . . . Trust






– – –  FOOTNOTES – – –


1    Unforeseen .. by the politicians at least.

2“  … even to the societally-’highest’ of our species “ : The ‘even’ italicised ‘cos, altho’ not for most people, it may come as a shock to them theirselves.

*    (albeit strictly only for the ones within their ‘own’ territory, as defined by historical conditions .. their ‘own’ nation’s populace).