The Points ~ N°1 ~

An Incomplete List of the

Main Issues of Concern for

The Points

    • The Age of The Brain

    • As of 21st Century, Embeddedment of GICCS 1

    • Appreciation, + Respect, of The Individual

    • The Essentiality of Personal Space ( .. Amongst The Many, Within The One)

    • Acceptance of Comprehensive (the whole of) Humanics

    • The (to an extent) Optional Evolutionary Trajectories of the Species

    • Recognition of The (complete) Value of ‘Human Being’

    • Civilisation within / of / from Nature

    • Accurate Reception of Reality ( i.e., ~=~ accurate perception of, and non-self-deluded reaction to, full ‘Reality’)

    • Partial List – [More to be Added from other Lists In Progress]

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1“    –   G.I.C.C.S. “ = “ Global Instantaneous Communication and Cyber Systemics “ – to signify [ and for want of a better phrase .. this is a ‘Word-In-Progress’ !!!] all the technologies and systems and absorptions into our everydaily lives of all things (from) digital. So, includes www, mobile phones, satellite tech, communication, neuro -bio-techtronics, live-feeds, continual news, virtual reality and AI, etc etc. [ also see defntn e/where on site ].