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Notes on Thought Restriction

When a group of like perceivers-thinkers believe they have found the ‘one true answer’ to the problems of mankind’s society .. and living together .. the most vehement at it need to destroy all other perceptions-thinkings to ‘prove-their-point’?

For example, extremist Islamic / Isis types, religiousists from the Cromwells and Crusaders and Ataturks (<<??? = ~attila the huns~???] to Nazism, and many current day ‘socio-poltical’ organisations which see no weakness, no irony, but only ‘integrity and strength’ in shutting out dissenting debate, ‘no-platforming’ those different opinionators (or scientists for that matter).. such as many of Europe’s ‘far-right’ and ‘far-left’ parties, or some extreme-activist organisations ? and etc etc .. throughout history.

They all believe, as core, in  Thought Constriction.

One example is the Isis lot who (somewhere I read) grade philosophers / psychological Conversation as an ‘evil’, and people’s who must not be accommodated (into one’s own considerations and musings on (their form of) Islam).

If their ‘answer’ – about Everything, and ‘God’ and Life and Humans – was so strongly correct, it would withstand all such alternative thoughts without the need to annhialate the people who think them.

Seems to me that using force and violence to get your point across (about humanity on Earth)is the prime example of its Absolute Weakness – it can only look good if all other Goods are bashed out of existence.

And, btw all Religiousists, this is not ..

( ‘I believe’, that is But if you ‘know’ that belief is ‘wrong’, just try convincing me otherwise? Truth is one of my hobbies, and you – presumably – are eager to Share it?

So why not we use God’s especial gift to Humans .. our Brains – and from which we’ve developed the Civilisationary facility of (intricate and precise) Language – for what they’re good for )

.. what God designed for us.

– FIN –