GICCS One World Component – Citizen – Constituent

All Missives by -T- @ are ..

Sent, with Regards, from a ..

GICCS One World Component / Citizen / Constituent ..

GICCS – Global Instantaneous Communication + Cyber-Systemics;

We can Hear and See each Other – We can Speak for our Selves .. We can Acquire any Knowledge ..

Singularily, We can Each Enrich Our Own Learn and Love – Of ‘Life’..

Fluidly interconnected, we can *

thanks to GICCS and its Core Spirit of Humanic Sharing for Human Be, for Free –

Feel + Be (one-body-life-on-Earthly) Individually Free, while Pro-Naturally Connected, within each of our ever-present (however sparsely or distantly populated) Society .. of Others.

* Note : We can, that is as long as we don’t – via cowardice, weakness, ignorance, or any ‘Species-Destructive Selfish Stupidity’ (which includes aspects of Capitalism, btw) – Break it ..

before its Original Value is properly recognised, ‘protected’ (from any of The Violents who would steal, subjugate or smash up), and nurtured to enable GICCS to be the tool towards Man’s Civilisationary maturity ( as well as being the Defence against a WWIII).