Language and Furies

You’d think by now that the facility for micro-accuracy, and appropriate precision, of that human-created Civilisationary Tool .. Language – and combined with the faculty that is our Brain, that it would have ..

(and especially as we’ve developed an increasingly worldwide ‘universal basic education’ – so providing individuals with a richer grasp of the broader, deeper, more diverse and precise, realms of each our (native) languages)

.. resolved any need for physical (or psychical) violent force against others of our species. That by now, what with our species’ dramatic civilisationary development of the past few centuries (at least), the utility of Language would have resolved the destructiveness of human Conflict .. arising as they do from the Naturally inevitable Frictions with Others as we each move through our lives.

But has it ? Have we? OOooh, no-o-h it sure seems we haven’t. Instead we find ourselves with this new digitech toy (GICCS) doing the opposite of lingual ‘precision and finesse’, with subtle or bold contextual nuance, and the accurate exchange of truthful / authentic worthwhile knowledge .. we have instead brash, loud, smash banging crashing demolition balls making their ‘Points’ – LOUD + CLEAR – sending it out there, where? out, er, everywhere .. anywhere .. however knowledgable or ignorant of topic the receiver / interpretor .. but at least they know i’m stridently strong, know my own mind and am solid in my saying !  ( And anyway, I can always change my mind later ..  and that’s sound, right? ‘I change my mind when the facts change’ ).

” Ha-Ha!! Not so!! Open your eyes to the internet convos, to what’s going down all over the world for the past decade or so! .. So, your “Language” can’t be ‘All That’ then, can it ?!! People, don’t you know, will always be the same, they’ll always fight. And you talk about ‘Reality’ !! Get real Comatozo! .. Ha-ha!! “.

I’ve noticed something. And it incorps ‘disrespecting’ (the Value of) Language.

Along with the vast vocabularies of the world’s languages, and the infinite ways humans put them together (to convey speaker’s intended meaning), enabling us to explore, describe, explain, learn, to (psychically) connect with, each other in all of our experiences of one-human-body-life on Earth [ @mo .. societies in space, a la space races, is outside the remit ( @ mo) of this website’s concerns .. enough to deal with in this place] with a preciseness and depth / profundity enabling the deeply rich painting, by one person to another, of highly subtle, shaded or nuanced issues / states / experiences / explorations (explorative discussions [ = ?? ->  “discursions” ?? << CHK word] – and so reflecting the complexity of the Reality of Life (the 100% organic type anyway) – Language also provides the means for providing context for the words spoken.

Context is ~=~ ‘background / placement of the described issue’ and, in so doing, adds huge wallop of meaning to the message. That is, without the appropriate context, the same words can have meanings at opposite ends of the spectrum, and so therefore be effectively useless (also, a waste of everyone’s breath and ear-time) – dependent on context, the setting, placement in time and space (ie circumstance) and background (even the Omni-Environment) for the words said, language used, the perceiver can get two completely different meanings from exactly the same words.

[ Eg. “The cat sat on the mat” – poss better example to be input later <<<]

In this text / social media age of short, snappy, quickie forms of public conversation (about heavy subjects) – it’s about timing ( which = ‘fastest’ to = first +/or => ), trending, click-baity big-numbering, flash-splashing-concordantly-clanging your point of view as a powerful, punching Splat! Consequently, there  ‘just isn’t room’ or time-space to waste words on anything but .. The POINT!!  No time for painting backdrops, colours, light and shades which (would) provide the (most often essential – for the Individual’s intended meaning to the ‘unknown’ reader) circumstantial / environmenal / historical / personal / placement-in-psychic-spatial / etc., the nuance and context of the written (or spoken) missive.

Although the likes of public media and the political and legal systems have always played with utilised  the concept of context or nuance in language to cherry-pick the bolsters for their poVs / arguments, and conveniently ‘ignore’ or play down those aspects of contextual reality which would weaken their case – and as do Advertisers for commercial products – they have done so within (constantly evolving) legally (+/or capitalistically) regulated constraints which, thus far in Democracies at least, have ensured – or, er, rather, ‘are intended to ensure’ – that we’ve retained the respect for language and the Truth of Life (and the necessity for it in societal civilisation) .. enough to draw the line at intentional deceit by using these words for ‘lying’ as legitimate (or sustainably effective) means for our societal structures and systemics. E.g., fraud laws.

But, back to the reality of human beings – who / we all lie in our lives, and not all lying is Bad (i.e. personally, societally .. or specie-lly .. damaging) [ See ARTicle on ‘ Lying and Deceit ‘ elsewhere on this site (if it gets written)] – in the early GICCS era .. and our individual use of language to converse with (highly increased) numbers of people .. and what we’re getting out of this earthliversal, (hu)man-made, civilisationary personal, social, and societal tool.

Since ~2000s, and while GICCS has grown, there has been much toying with the ‘power’ of Language within our democracy’s political systemics – the PR-spin factor becoming an essentiality to the conversation between politicians and the public – as well as a PR dept. being essential for commercial businesses (since the capitalist ejaculation of the 80’s and 90’s – in the UK, the Thatcher times – politicians / politics has repainted itself as far more commercially savvy (and indeed has become (partially) so, with it (as digitech became the ‘cool’ form of capitalism so they could parade bling-success, the shiney-slimey packaging over content ( i.e. that what we expect commercial Advertisers to do, not our governmental politicians .. their raison d’etre should be the content) forms of ‘connecting with the electorate’ politics (e.g., Blair, Cameron, Osborne .. and now the pinnacle (we hope?) of it in Trump?) – basically being a politician was no longer a boring, grey and beige, fusty existence .. but a (potentially) glittering career to the stars!

And as individuals and societies have developed and progressed along with GICCS, we have come to where we are in the world – with the West’s democratic governance systems / political ‘elites’ being challenged by the ‘mass’s’ [<< See / needs (to be written) another ARTicle re. ‘ What is, really, ‘the masses talking’ ? ‘, e/where on this site] increasing vocality and visibility – in volume if not in numbers – and issues of dysinformation, propoganda  and corruption in the power politics of our world.

Democracy – in this Age of The (mouthy) Brain, the GICCS era – could be threatened .. if we handle it wrong .. by the thing which is its strength – Language as the means for authentic (intra-societal, inter-human, politician-citizen) conversation, and therefore ‘harmonious’ ( / mutually conducive / constructive, synchronised)  collaboration between individuals, to sustain civilised society.

Democracy is about (albeit idealistically) the gathering and sharing of Knowledge, to mutually provide the Solutions which are most in concordance with the majority of its people’s (humanic) sense within Reality, and their subsequent Wants. It does, or should do, so by listening to those people (and treating their words – and their intended meanings) – with all due .. Lingual and Humanic .. Respect.

it can nourish itself substantially stronger (than now, or than other political models?) with the Direct Truths of all Individuals for whom it’s responsible. Using precision and clarity, and making it easy (and worthwhile) for all citizens to ‘speak (their) truth to power’ – via Citizen <-> Government ‘Conversation’ – without fear of consequential lash-back from having engaged so (in terms of say impact on FundQoL, future prospects, litigation, penalty or arrest (probably achieved via an anonymity)

[ <<< I did say ‘idealistically’]).

Author notes :- FOR CONTINUE – Orig Point has delta’d somewhat…  about 3 or 4 strands now i think.     –      CNTU along these lines / points / ‘bring it back’

  1. main point – persons cutting off to feed their fury ( and big up their Self (‘s delusions of superiority .. delusions cos you can’t be superior if you deny / ignore the Truth / Reality .. which incorps. Context (eg) )
  2. hcuwi y24y9
  3. commercial and
  4. geo-political manipulations of internet convos
  5. Polticial corruption ~=~ obsfucation, secrecy, twisting or butchering of Truth, promulgation of dysinformation, mass mind-manipulation
  6. Political health (of the liberal democratic type) ~=~> knowledge share for enlightenment of All Concerned (i.e. ‘all’ your citizens for a start), respect for every individual’s Truth, clarity of communicatie meaning, controlled but non-‘segregated’ openness, cjdiw f8 c CNTU CNTU >>>