Since GICCS .. The Concept + Import of – ‘Distinct’ Individualist Self-IDENTITY – has Grown

1st Draft (- Rambles)

Since GICCS .. The Concept of

– ‘Distinct‘ Individualist Self-IDENTITY

has Grown

in its proportionate Import to Politics, and its Humanic Value to Civilisation.

In our world’s re-arranged, reformed .. and revitalised .. fundamentally altered, form and Atmosphere of the human Societal Environment, via GICCS,

Politics has now got to Change.

Or at least, that is 

any forms of political model which count ‘democratic liberalism’, the concept of ‘just’ citizenal liberty for all in their society, and / or Human ‘Civilisation’,

as core to their being.

Since GICCS, the ‘State’ .. + Humanic Value .. of

(Distinct) Individualist Self-IDENTITY  has Grown in Proportionate RELEVANCE

– for a Successfully Civilised 21st Century Societal Organisation.

( D.I.S.I. ?1? )

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Politics – or Liberal Democracy at least – needs to change .. since GICCS has so changed the Quality of the Intra-Societal Atmosphere – not considering the inter-societal, and such as the one-globed, international, cyber-potentials ( -ves +/or +ves ), (and which are, at least partly, dependent upon the Quality of preceeding relationships.

An unprecedented Societal Atmosphere, within which our species breathes, everydaily-Lives, and spends very much of its time in Conversation .. about Human Being .. via the core ( and global ) Humanic Facility of Language. And – apart from the ‘unprecedented’ and ‘global’ bits – ’twas ever thus for our  ( ‘thriven’- ??)  species. We have (always) breathed ( = ~’survived’~ ), and always Lived  .. our (routined) days and nights on Earth until we die ( = ~’EveryDailies’~ ), and we have always felt compelled / empassioned / instinctually-Affinitive-Talentedly to share that experience ( of Living, within the (Time-)Space we find ourselves in – as we – ourSelf – stands within the Given Environments (including the inner / psycho stuff as well as the tangible (or less tangible) physical, external, Environment of our circumstance.   >>> THIS should be  CNTUD ELSE/WHERE on Site (once drafted).??? <<<

<- [  Bit of a Ramble-On follows also:- ] ->

– ‘Distinct‘ Individualist Self-IDENTITY

As we Feel our Selves – innerly, EveryDaily-Beingly – increasingly subsumed, or even trapped, submerged, tumbled or suffocating, by the torrent-furious currents of the world’s oceanic tsunami – from the multitudes who’re charging ‘boldly’ .. bellowingly ..  brazenly .. belligerently .. bone-headedly .. bullyingly .. Forward! – with seemingly multi-mach-speed-Fast! – ‘ Progress! ‘ .. of / with / to / for OUR – my! – World ..

<-  [ apols for the, er, poorly-poemley-put  ]

^ ^ <- [ er, on a Bad and Crotchety Day maybe – and particularly for those of us who are of, maybe, ‘a certain age’ and remember human ‘Life-Before-GICCS ‘ ]. <- [ However, it’s worth remembering that this sense of ..

.. ” I so don’t know – and that void is filled full of Fear – what The Future holds for me / us .. the shape of my life, and Self .. and how I’ll fit in (i.e.what will be / what is my ‘self-identity’) ..

.. when our / my society has become completely overwhelmed by computerised-Everything – robotics and AI technology taking over from ‘Real People’ .. And that’s not to mention the ‘evil’ that lurks out there in our world everywhere, those ‘completely mad, tinpot, uncivilised, terrorists and tyrants’ with their ‘evil, evil, weaponry’ wanting to wipe out the ‘good and decent people’ of our world .. Why can’t it be like it was before – before GICCS – when everything was .. less frightening and comfortably stable, eh ? ”  <- But Pls note that ..

.. (1) the past is less frightening because it is familiar .. and you know how it ends ( ‘Fear of the Unknown’ is an essentially Humanic (survival-) Instinct .. it is Natural and useful for the species’ survival. Although, as Human Beings have chosen to evolve beyond the ‘pure-knee-jerkness’ of them and aim for ‘Civilisation’ – and as with other Essential and healthily Natural Humanic traits / instincts / faculties (which we all contain) – have learnt to temper / control / master those which hinder or obstruct that target .. Human Civilisation on Earth .. and to hone, enhance, strengthen and ‘positively-Life-creatively’ <-{ can’t think of right word] develop those Naturally common aptitudes and faculties which support and sustain that (genuinely Human – ) Individual-Societal Progress.

.. And (2) the past seems more ‘comfortable, stable, reasonable (or whatever)’ because – and this is another useful Humanic Trait – we forget, during our EveryDailies of today (and its relentless demands on our Brain-space), the Agony of the ‘when will it ever end?’ sufferance endured then. We remember being in excruciating pain, and how it affected our life maybe, but thankfully we don’t recall the complete, we don’t Self-Feel again, the full extent of its punishment of our Self at the time. (Otherwise, as they say for example, we’d never have babies again – which wouldn’t be very good for the species). And ‘cos we now know how long it would last – and it’s over – that element of the infinite  ‘tortured endurance’ is negated from our Feel-Perceptions of the time.

.. the saying, ” Stop the world, I want to get off ! ” was around long before GICCS / ‘Globalisation’ came around. It is a (humanically) common thing to feel that all this ‘amazing Progress which you’d never have thought possible ‘ – and living within the sense of being helplessly carried along by all these ‘ Others, who’re potentially changing our world forever! ‘, by this ‘Progress’- to feel unnerved, anxious, fearful. Added to the fear of (a particularly CapConComCul concern ???) ‘being out of control‘. So you ‘state your Claim to Self ‘ (-Identity) that much more forcefully.

In this new Age of the Brain – sparked alive in the GICCS era – there certainly Feel-seems a lot of that sense suffused through our Selve’s EveryDailies .. using GICCS / Digitech devicess, we seek ever more control over the mundane and minutae of our EveryDailies and environments. Yet the opposite end of th spectrum, the risks and fears of personal-data-or-financial-breach, cyber-crime, Big-Corp-Big-State-Big-Brother type being out of (our) control while being increasingly in control of us Individually.

(It’s only at the Information Gathering Stage yet .. any future, human-harm-causing, Intenders ,, for the   RULING!   shaping of Societies, will still be keeping their heads well low @ the mo .. waiting until the data and systemics are more robustly developed, then, ” We’ll swoop in and swipe the lot and then .. and thEN!!?!! .. and th-e-e-n, we’ll have SO much of so many people’s uniquely Individual data – ‘ Knowledge about You ‘, about the intricacies of your personal, private, Everydailies – That we can quickly decide whether you ‘fit’ Our Regime ( / Values ) or not. We can manipulate you, bend blind you to our will, make you do .. with your only own one-body-life on Earth .. whatever is our whim .. it need never again be yours (because we’ve made the Rules, and you haven’t got a pot to p*** in when it comes to ‘Knowledge is Power’, have you ?).


.. people, parties, organistions – any grouping of human society – staking their Claim, their ‘Right to Be ( their (probably, ‘personally-preferentially chosen) -> self )’ .. and – with that Right – often also their Right ‘to Have’ ( something the others don’t get)  .. ..

.. So everyone Feels more compelled (instinctually) to Protect Their Space .. their Self .. ‘ their way of life ‘ ( <- sometimes ‘idealistically Chosen’, rather than the grey of the status quo) the shape and flavour they prefer – And not to have this sanctified zone of the Self thus invaded not how anyone else thinks they should Live

( btw, there’s probably so much to Life, and Nature on Earth, that we CapConComCullers in the West are missing – we’re not seeing, nor recognising / relating and so, obviously, not Valuing with any useful accuracy (because, presumably, we’re focusing on other things, for which we account more importance in the scheme of things (Life) and so, as a consequence, we’re at risk, what with all this keeping lean, clean and mean (starting with the general financial compulsion for ‘max profit’) – while we’re digitising and transforming so much tangible and physical historical (yesterday’s ‘history’ btw .. not necess ‘100 years ago’) data obvs. .. but of Self sensory substance also? ( A minor illustrative example might be, ‘paper and pen’ – which offers a different omni-Humanic experience

(and so, onto being a Societal shaper / flavourer / colourer ) from the initiator (writer) through courier (the workers in the  postal system) to the final destination / final outcome (the letter-receiver / reader’s Brain has been able to perceive and process, to interpret, accurately the letter writer’s intended message. The event’s journey doesn’t necessarily finish there as the letter-receiver / reader might want to keep / file / store or  build-on / develop those penned words on paper pages (some ‘art’ or photocopying/scanning or something). (And other people are connected to this process such as the pen manufacturer’s workers, the envelope suppliers, the post office transact  with stamps, and so on.

<- Gone a bit off track [again] there but .. That’s how something as a simple straightforward switch from that type of message-giving to digi-emails goes on to ‘shape’ wide society.

But is it a Baby-with-the-Bath-Water moment?

Is there some Value in writing or reading from (pen on) paper to reading from the screen ? ( I Feel yes, and think it’s been scientifically noted – re something to do with absorption and retention of information read from a paper page -vs- a digital screen). Yet Progress, keeping things clean and mean and futuristic, would probably have us delete the stuff (the handwritten word on paper) from our living, conversing, learning, one-body-lifetime experience. There are, obvs., far more substantial  aspects of human Life, as here referred .. some aspects not recognised, or appreciated for their true Humanic Value, by the progressive CapConComCullers. (After all, if it doesn’t benefit the financial economy .. i.e. overall, costs more dollar than it makes .. then it is often, by today’s measure ( No.1 The Economy Stupid) treated as  ‘worthless’ (behaviour / condition/ entity / state / process / whatever), if it doesn’t fit with the slick of Now then it’s disregarded / ignored +or binned / deleted.

(Look at the unforeseen ( <- actually, seen by millions .. of regulars) collatoral of the smoking ban in British Pubs .. ’twasn’t simply a few smokers were p****d off, it has decimated the industry itself because of fall in numbers, ‘cos of the vastly reduced ‘Pleasure’ experience (breaking up cnversations for a start) for all the Individuals partaking of the regular communal activity of ‘going down the pub’, causing the breakdown of, individually-freely-chosen (not ‘givens’ like work, school or college) cohesive local communities where information, support, friendship and fun were exchanged .. and this decimation / disintegration of the  the whole of the Entity which was the British Pub Culture, blown up, bang, gone .. to become all which has possibly enabled increased crime – and so chain-copies, healthy, and children friendly ( with no dirty smokers, or long-tanked-up-deep-and-passoinate-(and shouty-scarey) Conversationalists, to sully your light, bright, family-healthily-run-fed+funned day at one of our Family Friendly Licenced World-class Gastro-Pub Establishments).      <<< EDIT para(s-) WORDS GOT JUMBLED <<<

Many of us want – in such a fluidly fast-moving, and often frighteningly furious, ‘one-world’ social / political / religious / international / EveryDaily, Environment – Reassuurance from being able to regain [ ahh, nostalgia] some of that ‘old’ sense of (Self) calm, stability and solidity, to hold our ground, to protect our form, to retain our rightful space – and choose our own Pace –  in what Feels like an ever-crushing socio-political juggernaut driving form of ‘Progress’.

<- [ Back to cynical, old, luddite, crotchety crone, there. So that’s all].