Highly Paid People-Power People .. and Delusionary Fronts, Competence, Humanic Truth .. and Reality (as it, er, ‘really happens’)

Warning : Refers to the Grenfell Fire tragedy (but is not about it). Maybe please don’t read if sensitive to that.

Am yet to find out more direct and factual information, so am here speaking as a

Distant Ignorant .. but ..

Highly paid bosses of organisations which deal with (the FundQoLs of one-body-lived) people .. what is their especial human talent, skill, expertise, faculty, which (humanically, for benefit of Society-wise) justifies their wages being x times that of the nuts+bolts people / front line workers ( and without whom they wouldn’t have a job)? [See The (capitalist) Markets + Public Sector Remuneration discussion e/where on site .. if it gets written].

One would hope that – especially in sectors containing high risks of fatality (such as the emergency services, among many others) – where these top bods are the people making the decisions and designing (or interpreting for their people) the rules .. the sort of stuff which directly affects, in a serious or potentially totally deleterious way, peoples’ lives .. they were capable of dealing with real life, not in the text book, sudden and emergency (and other) situations, with a high quality of sound sense – and whatever mental capacity and adaptive improvisability-talents – to a level which would be commonly positively appreciated (but not held) by ‘all’ – surely that’s why they’ve got the jobs they have, with the multiplied salary, because they’ve got something the most of us have not?

Surely that’s the way The Markets are supposed to work isn’t it? Higher quality, higher price.

How can there have been intelligent – and there would’ve been more than one such flitting in and out ‘nerve control’ that night (surely, shirley !?? .. our institutions aren’t that corruptively false are they?) –  people, in that two hours of Grenfell burning, who didn’t change the advice to victims in the midst of the fire to ‘stay put’ .. because they were all – essentially – ‘following the rule book’ ?

.. and not competently (as expected by their job description and salary, at the very (personal) least) assessing the reality of the situation unfolding, quickly, realtime, shockingly, in front of them? When – it appears (like i said this is Ignorant talking, I don’t know what happened re, e.g., complexities and the chief fire brigade office, all the factors of the circumstance, etc.) – the common instinct, analysis, resultant decision, of everyone else there was for the residents to “get out! “?

What the hell happened? Do we have thickos in charge? Have some of those in charge allowed their career (or whatever) ambitions to majoritally overwhelm their Natural humanic instinct (ual influence) –  which (if humanically healthily balanced) would have kickstarted into action their full (personal / professional) faculties/skill-set and accessible resources (and surely, simultaneously, also sufficiently fulfill their job description?) – so much that they should, most definitely, not be in their positions of such massive (at least as far as some others are concerned) <- (which is enough given their ‘societal Badge’) power ..

So coming back to the salary, what’s that paying for?

Then there’s the Council, Housing Management, ‘Govt.’, etc etc., and the after-bit. Lack of (sharing of) information. Elitism? Arrogance?

What stopped most of them dropping everything and doing everything – that a decent and healthy human would do if they were able – they could, within their roles using their formal – and humanic – skills, faculties and talents to try to limit peoples’ sufference? Days ( apparently) before anything official made itself helpfully apparent (apart, that is, from the fire and emergency services, and religious and community space pro-actions, (and, esp for the firemen there, for whom the advice for people to ‘stay home and fry’, must have been even more traumatic to witness and live through).

What do we accolade and pay these people for? Are many of them simply not up to the job, and retain it by basically (Selfest and arrogantly) b**********g everyone?

Remember this is written from the anger etc gained from knowing a sparse selection of the full facts of the reality of the full situation of what happened in the Grenfell Tower fire .. like the most of us.

But this has generated the more general – though no less serious I believe – point about our highly paid (and so ‘respected’ ‘listened to’ etc) People in Power (of the FundQoLs of numbers of people) and whether they are humanically (at least) competent enough to do their jobs, to be able to Hear the truth and validity of, and handle their importance appropriately, every individual citizen within their remit? Do they get that, to be be able to do their job, they need to be able to listen – and handle the Reality –  from the whole ground up?

Do they sense (yet) that they’d better stop faking it?


Be real, be fallible, be human, be truthful, be respectful of the life of all your fellows (that’s – if you subscribe to the Civilisation thing – “all” beings of your species). Be your (weak and bad, strong and good) Self .. and don’t undervalue the lives of people for whom you assume so much – life – power .. because you place your ‘right to’ the higher salaried position upon purely selfish motivations .. and not the reality (or of what’s good for society).

(E.g. why is it commonly accepted / expected that people ’embellish’ – or ‘lie’ – on their C.V.? How is it civilised that our societal-economic-employment-structural-systemics makes that an attractive choice of action for some / many people? [Point .. it’s not, in this respect, a civilising influence .. that our capitalist economic system too often encourages people to be deceptive +/or lie to cover up ineptitude (or worse) in pursuit of, solely, more ‘Money’. (<< actually, it’s something else too complicated to word here .. ‘Money’ will do).

Something needs to change within our societal systemics .. and it’s something to do with Truth, Individual Courage, and Reality. (And our 21st Century Democratic Governance ‘getting’ that).

– – –


Whatever the status   –   accolades, awards   –   or sycophantic auras   ..   around   –   Persons-in-Positions-of-Power-Over-Other’s-FundQoLs –  

[ <- No, i don’t know where the b****y apostrophe goes .. (succinct) advice welcome ] .. (PIPOPOOFs) [<<< hope that’s not offensive to anyone (nowadays) .. surely the word’s meaning has moved on a bit from 40 years ago??? I think ‘PIPOPOOFs’ is funny for what it defines .. i could possibly be weird – or Wrong].

– (and this concept should apply to Business also, but would presumably have to start with all who work for / represent the State??) –

Individuals should feel, not only free to, but positively accommodated for, speaking up the (often Humanic) Truth – as and when it becomes clear to them (or clear-ish to them .. nothing in Life is 100% certain or absolute (well, might be stuff in the far-out quantum physicy-mathematical-scientificy type stuff which is).

That includes where they feel disconfidant in their given and expected responsibilities for their job, which if people were appreciated for being honest – rather than being seen as a traitor-to-the-team or damaging to the brand / profits – they would discover well before an emergency, which might / probably would / should, call on, not only all their ‘trained and standard-professional’ qualifications ..

but those of their especial humanic ‘Quality‘/ ies, the Quality of their Brain, and the Individual capacities and faculties which mean they are remunerated so multifold-abundantly .. compared to the more general employees of their organisation .. for example, they are  taking on a role with responsibility,  incorporating (the expectation that) their decision making, and reactive responses to unforeseen situations / conditions, are ‘life or death’ lots to other people – and (with those higher salaries should go the absolute assumption that they’re being truthful about their capabilities – and can be so without professional penalty or peer / social / societal condemnation .. and for this Society (by saying ‘we’re trusting you [to do the job you’re paid for] with our life in your hands’) to pay them a salary reflecting such Value.

That’s how it should work, obvs.

But, if anything, it seems that jobs which hold such importance, such Value, to the Individual citizen .. health and FundQoL care, e.g., are one of the lowest salaried sectors of all .. compared to, say, the sector of our combined national industry which gambles on computer generated numbers (with a bit of (healthy) humanics thrown in) in the global Stock Markets ..  and banking, commerce, economics and finance. Ye-e-e-e-ss, i know they make the money which buys the bricks and pays the builders to provide much of the FundQoL societal ‘stabilities’ .. and without which we’d have no ‘civilised society’ – no houses, factories, offices, public transport, hospitals – or National Health Service cos of homeless staff, no transport, no manufacturers of equipment, drugs and machinery, etc etc), but point still stands .. >> to be cntud ]

Is it because – at work – saying that you don’t know how to do / that you don’t feel confident that you could do (in an emergency say) = ‘Failure’, ‘Weak’, ‘I’m getting your job’ ?

Because that’s how the Markets (not only Capitalism) work .. people who are trying to sell something that’s obviously c**p ( +/or holds no Value for Others) won’t sell much of  their Product, workers who’re no good at making the Product get the sack, an employer won’t hire someone who ‘can’t do’ to make its. And jobs are so ‘difficult’ to get .. and scary to lose because of the sudden stop of money – which is necessary (in CapComCulLand) for sustaining any acceptable FundQoL .. so Fear starts to get a bit existential – we do all we can to keep them. The shape of our society gives us little choice.

So, in our progressive Civilisation of Society .. according to our  current – Capitalsm-As-Is driven shape of – societal trajectory .. and maybe against the dynamics of Nature – we regard being frank about our Humanicity, our (complete) human beingness, (e.g. suddenly realising one’s in over one’s head, and – in this (yaah, utopian?) Reality-accommodating-Individual-Truth-Speaking-Society – this would be, for most people, much earlier than time of Disaster) as an optional or disposable extra, a mere accessory to Sustainable Life as a Healthy Humanic Society?

( <<< And that might be another baby out with the bathwater <<<]