Real Crying

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# 2 – 15Sep2015

Real Crying –

what it is

Real Crying, It’s not the KatiePriceTellyTypeCrying, is not about attention seeking (bar on a survival-instinctual subconscious level – a primeval ‘last resort’ to get saved); the Cryee almost certainly doesn’t want to be seen, or heard, in that state .. feeling weak and vulnerable and so socially-abashed [??] / socially ‘ashamed’ (instinctually) are they feeling (possibly when really bad to their closeness to that anti/non -Human state (ie death), probably). [Excl. laughy-crying, obvs.]

It is the instinctual response to helplessness, yes, but not i think calling for help. It’s rather a hidey-awayee form of expression. And how many of us in such state want pity, attention or ‘taking over’, or to be smothered over? Our despair is so deep as to know, at most, that’s all of no use.