Everyone on the ‘I’m a Victim’ Bandwagon

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# 1 – 15Sep2015

Everyone on the ‘I’m a Victim’ Bandwagon

It’s boring now, you’re only doing it for the money – albeit your acting has now delved the depths of ‘Method’ – i.e., you now believe it yourself and genuinely ‘feel the pain’. Problem is, I don’t believe that you have felt the extent of the kind of pain you’re alluding to.

Quite often btw, bullies revert to victim-hood when they feel the Truth closing in, when feeling trapped. And they’ve experienced first-hand, and grasped – they’re also often ‘intelligent’ – the language and vocabulary .. for expressing their (imitative / acted) ‘pain and vulnerability’ – from the other side of the equation).

See elsewhere for finer definition of ” Bully ” – such a, bulbous, puffball of a word .. when the reality is something sharp, nasty, and repellently foul (if one could strip away their disguise-attire .. but they’re very good (a predominant Affintive Talent even) at saying the most Self-convenient thing at the moment, irrespective of its innaccuracy or its detrimentalising / damage / pain to an Other person.