ABOUT AUTHOR, ‘ Dash -T- Dash ‘ ( -T- ) .. And LANGUAGE .. And Hypocracy – AND Diversionary OTHER STUFF

Hypocracies might strike a reader of this site. One such is around Language.

[ This ARTicle incorporates massive diversion from the track implied by the title above. Sorry – haven’t got time to cleave it apart now].

[ <– Btw, ‘”hypocrisy” / “hypocrisies” ‘ doesn’t look sort of ‘spitefully damaging / chaos causing’ enough ].

One the one hand it speaks of how human society should be more accurately Valuing it – respecting Language for the humanwide beneficial power it has for our species

in enabling us to share (common / human / life) experience, and not feel one’s Self ALone ..

.. within the Infiniticity of (this bit of Human at least) our own (” -One-Time-Only-Folks!! ” < – at least ‘as-who-you-are-this-time-round’ – i.e., a human with your name and lifestyle reading these words right now “) Full-solely-individual-Feeling of Being in the Universe .. a tiny miniscule dot in that big, big, space –

it can feel (existentially) scary.

And this website speaks of how our CapConCul / CapComCul societies are increasingly treating Language as if it’s a throwaway extra – probably to, like, actual ‘ Living!! ‘ .. For example, Who really has time honestly for loads of complicated apostrophes and punctuation if the words are about right ? And anyway they should know what i mean – im speaking English arent I ?!!”

[<< This is not knocking the likes of Text- or Twitter- (or probably any other form of) -speak, which are creative enhancements of, a beneficial additions to, the living evolutionary shapes (and weights) of our language(s) through time .. Language develops ‘organically’ by the humans who use it.

.. only that in our (GICCS era) excitement for haste, and (to be seen to be) ‘getting things done’ –

both of which in contemporary CapComCulture (are supposed to, and often do ) translates as,

I am Solid and Strong .. and (so) Sure of My way – that you (-all-less-decisive-dilly-dallying-lesser-than-I-mortals) may confidently follow my leadership – and we’ll get there quicker, fast to first, and we’ll get there big ! Trust me!!  .. ” Survival of the fittest baby!! ” ) .. I so am (recognised as)  Successful in my society because my rapid decisiveness (over those difficult decisions) clearly demonstrates my Strength and Supra-Correct+Cogniscent human-beingness

( <<<  which = “ I am always right. ” .. – ahem – .. >>> ” Oh, and on those rare occasions when my judgment or considerations have gone a bit awry – I am human after all, ha ha!! – I have learnt. the lessons. – and now (richer, of course, from my experience) I am extremely unlikely to ever make the same mistake again. I am stronger from it .. (so you can trust / follow / give-me-more-  me more now) “

( << which = ” Bull***t ” Humans aren’t that neat and easy and linear learnful. Perhaps A.I. (which = ‘ Artificial Intelligence’, which = ‘ Machines (programmed) to think – and do – instead of us ‘ )  could do it better?

” Now that would get everything spick, span and sorted! We could clear and clean-broom this sick and spit-infested society, if everyone did it as they should!! And if they can’t (or won’t!), we’ll get  A.I. to (ensure they) do it (everytime) for them! ! (for us and our plans) “. Then our Policies would (be allowed to) work – people being predicatble, so we can properly plan .. and complete those plans! ” ).

So we all emulate, fashion copies and disseminates, it .. this behaviour for speed (and, probably, volume of effect) and , again rather by intimation than realty, so the apparent efficiency –

It could appear that within CapComCul’s GICCS form of ‘Progress’ – (and heavily influenced as it is by Capitalism’s continuous competitiveness to be first / biggest / ‘best’ [ << which, ?,  = ‘ money rich ‘? ) – Where this demonstration of ‘Clear Strength’, via  such ‘pragmatic’ swiftness in decisions / policies etc seems to trump the constituent Quality, and Sustainability over longer terms, of such expedient [??] executions through one’s life.

( Which is rather selfish regards the qualititve impacts upon anyone else, now .. or their children’s children’s time space. Don’t we care about ahead of only our own one-body-life times? Don’t we care that our ‘bad’ (but quick!) decisions (and actions .. Bush, Blair, et al !) today, may be laying the ‘Societal Default’ Ground for future generations? )

[ >>> See elsewhere on http://www.abrain.co as to why this is the case at the start of 21st Century, and with an import unlike any other time of huMan’s civilisationary history].

– that we don’t throw out a very valuable baby with the bath water.

By allowing the authentic(ally high) Value of Language to dessicate, disintegrate, dissipate to be, effectively, only blown away dust (no further use can be mined from its existence – words become worthless) .. by our disrespect, ignorance and abuse of the Function that the Form (of Languauge) provides – that of precise and ‘True’, species-vital communication, Reality Reflective Conversation, within the human species.   Advertisers and politicians, and any whose raison d’etre is to try to influence large swathes of people, have boiled it ( the equation for their utilisation of language) down to ‘ Most Money + Within Legal (er, or the latter more accurately?, ‘ without judicial punishment or pain, without .. out of reach of .. legal bars or whips ‘.

<< i.e ” Don’t get caught ” .. If the ‘shameful‘ plan works (to your designs), and you think you’d weave and wangle your way through and out the other side of your society’s Legal Justice System (reasonably unscathed) .. and the target Profit-Prize is adequately huge, say a massive promotion +/or loadsamoney .. ” Why old boy! Go for it, man! .. You only live once after all, ha-ha! Rules are made ( er, sometimes it has to be said) to be broken .. and, if it’s not the likes of us doing this thing (first), just think of the sorts of people who would do it – eventually – anyway. Barbarian scum of society .. they’re everywhere! At least we retain some noble morals, hey old boy!?! Society will be thankful for it, that it’s us not them, who’ve pioneered through these uncharted spaces. And anyway, we didn’t invent the capitalist system, we just have to live in it .. and some of us, I’m (not) afraid to say, are simply better at doing that ! – ha ha !! “.

In early 21st Century our globalised commerce, political and societal systemics –  even in the ones based on (‘true’) Democracy and (‘open’) parliamentary / civic Law as in the UK, Europe, the West –  much manipulative disguise abounds (and that not counting the ‘fake news’ industry of the net).

Relevant precision for perceiver, and accuracy of sincerely conveyed and honest information, comprehensively pertinent to the Other, reaching correct targets, in the correct forms to be efficiently received, standards of communication – and the respect for Language discussed on http://www.abrain.co – should be the base and common standard, -T- argues,  for all ‘Conversation’ between those whose £-Employment allows them the personal / societal power to significantly-substantially affect any Individual’s (Citizen’s) FundQoL [Fundamental Quality of Life – see e/where on site for further definition ].

So, deffo this incorps, very many public (civil) servants, from Prime Ministers down through to your local council’s public facing officers, or food bank decider-distributrors, or the NHS home-visit care-giver, or w/ever .. i.e. people who are paid their salary in order that they (generally) enhance the FundQoLs of all the individual people of our society within their remit. In many companies / organisations in the the commercial sector, from toppest bosses / CEOs down through to etc., etc., should also be encompassed within this ‘Duty’ to their society. ” It’s the law!!!” “And if you’re preening your ‘good for society and jobs’ credentials (with their baubles pinned all over your surface .. awards etc are blared about in company publicity) .. this aspect is not about advertising and profits / earning strategies .. not in any 21st Century GICCS societal, future-looking, functioning form of Democratic governance (it’s here suggested).


Author Dash T Dash sometimes writes irreverently in the face of the ‘purity of accurately correct’ Language

.. and this, purely in the pursuit of a potentially poetic or pretty pleasure.

sometimes even when it diverts away from the trail of talk we were on, (selfish diversions perhaps).

It might appear slap-dash and disrespectful – as well as hypocritical – to one of the envisaged core pillars for the future of human civilisation .. Language.

And Dash T Dash rarely uses spell-checker – not because there’s no care for the outcome (and unintentional, slipped-through and, er .. slapdash, spelling mistakes which happen using this system, and are proper annoyances) – but rather that there are often some favourite misspelt words left in just for fun. Or for extra meaning, or nuance to initial meaning, or whatever.

Grammatically, ditto. Or just because it’s the way the art-author likes it. And then there’s the element of not Being too constrained (within Rules .. tho’ see ‘as long as no harm done’, below), faithfully (or ‘faith-quite-fully’) Exploring (via these works), and Trusting – going with the flow of – Nature’s waves and forms. And it’s art.

Capitalised ‘normal’ nouns, like N/nature or H/human, are because that’s the way -T- refers to them to differentiate from the more fuzzy or, conversely, biased definitions of ‘nature’, ‘environment’, or w/ever, because the author’s referring to the ‘primary core’, the root, of these notions / concepts / things .. the overarching comprehensive ‘container’ for them, while all versions of the word’s applications/utilised definitions, all aspects of the word / noun in question, are its ‘progeny’ (‘kids’). [ See e/where on http://www.abrain.co for [ INSERT LINK >>> ] Vocab + Terminology Codex ‘.


Having an Appreciation for the Fuller Value of things / concepts / persons, and Appropriately Respecting them,




“weak” or “loser”

nor does it


one cannot play, enjoy, have fun – as long as there’s no harm done –

in their company.


And, despite apparently being a wordsmith, this author often sometimes hasn’t enough grasp of the English language to know the correct word (if it exists) .. so makes them up. That is, they’re not that proficient at ‘the crux’ of this chosen employment – writing words ( and about ‘language’ !! A right one to talk!!).

As long as You’re Getting the (right-side-up) Gist is the Point.

And this site is Art.

(And its intention – in its expressions of living human life – is to be as close to 100%, Self-within-Society, honest as is possible (for a human speaking the Truth as they perceive it), be that of individual opinion or repeated facts from others, or whatever; I.e., there should be nothing intentionally misleading by this author on this site .. as long as the reader ‘gets’ irony – and , maybe, has a (reasonably sound – << a poV of course) sense of humour ! ).
(c) -T- http://www.abrain.co : [Ref: See Berries Seas Sky Water – SBSSW + BWWOW-10-01-i on Zen]