Wagging This Dog – Governance in this Age of Communication

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Wagging This Dog

The following text may be Obvious, even ‘old hat’ [how consumerist of me] to many …  but I need to lay my ground.                                                                                                                           [<< at Heading 5 Font].

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‘Islamic State’, and presumably al-Baghdadi as their head, are driving this war (very different to all previous ‘big’ wars of human-kind) … they’re wagging this dog (i.e., Western Capitalist Democracies).

My professional status / expertise, in opining on this subject, is merely a highly perceptive insight into my fellow humans (of all kinds) and our social psychology, via a good basic education along with quality life experience (I’m 51, although age is no indication of the ‘talent’ professed).

The ISers (i.e. Violent Islamic Extremists, be they in Nigeria, Somalia, Iraq or Syria – or, obvs, anywhere else) are not the only challenge to our global community. They are a potent symptom of the frictionalised fabric of our World Community, disclosed as it has been by the World Wide Web (www).

We are in an Era of Communication … and a whole lot of (painful) Truths – and of course their foe, Lies – are being bandied about, and with such shocking suddenness that we haven’t had time to Evolve capably into it.

Traditional forms of National Governance/Politics (eg., their Process and Societal Structures) are being confronted with ‘brand new’ (how Consumerist of me!) Power dynamics and currents – if ‘Power’ is defined as,

  • influence over / ‘responsibilty for’ many people (‘s Quality of Life*),
  • ownership of resource /property

Since the www (and GICCS*), for the first time in Humanity’s existence, Geography is not a bar to the spread of knowledge, or the sharing of Human Experience; and now neither are necessarily limited by the restrictions of one’s own culture/society, and environmental / physical domain.

And for 99.999999% of us, our own life is the most important thing (while we’re here) yet we are instinctually drawn to, and connected with, all of us others – “No man is an island” and all that.

(Unless, of course, one is in (proper) depression when you may feel you’re not only cast adrift from the rest of the World, but are sucked way back into and under the other side of a Black Hole .. or willess piece of flotsam existing in a vacuous annhialatoried endless expanse, or claustophbically condensed miniscule stop-point, of life, within a hole of infinite Nothing). << Woops, got bit carried away there.

We all, anywhere, can share knowledge – and you know what they say … ‘Knowledge is Power’ – if that is true, then the Power Base is severely shifting and the Leaders of the World need to adapt their swimstroke for this new sea.

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