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If you share, copy or use any of it .. and as long as without financial or other tangible gain (or, similarly intended, personal/professional-value gain) .. that is,

if you’re using imagery or texts from this site for your own personal information / interest / disgust / w-ever, and sharing in the same spirit with any others, this is okay (and very much appreciated) but

.. please ensure that 




is Credited as the work’s Original creator.


If you share, copy or use any of it, with or for (intended) financial or other tangible gain .. e.g., for commercial or personal professional purposes ..

see Copyright Permissions Detail Page << INSERT LINK << [ <- er, once it’s sourced / written ].

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<<<- This page might all sound like written by a Presumptive Pompous Git .. but ..

(A) It’s trying to speak from the stance of all people (including‘s original creators, obvs.) who (that should be, “are lucky enough to”) do work, fuelled not by financial / commercial gain, but by their Belief, at core, in that work  (however seemingly banal, or ‘useless’, that ‘Belief’ may appear to others). Those who sacrifice other aspects of their (alternative, potential) life, without knowing if it would be worth it .. and who yet doesn’t understand the legal / business sides, but need to get it going ..

(B).. in order to protect the original ‘intellectual property’ (with all of its personal time and ‘energial effort’ investment .. ( and even if it were only wasted in producing Rubbish, that time, from a one-body-life, has been spent – and it doesn’t want to be robbed of any returns on it) , and so to protect any consequent financial or other benefits (should there ever be any), coming from it. This applies particularly in this age of Big Corps., Baby Corps., or any commercial entities which are hoovering up individuals’ data, and ‘ownership’ of this stuff ( generated / created by Individuals) is subject to less-than-Humanic confrontational (or cheating) pressures (such as profits, renown / fame +/or power), and is still being defined / legalised etc.

In short, we at A-BRAIN-DOT-CO ( ) don’t know how to use copyright law, T & Cs,  +/or other relevant legal bits, but the creators of a-brain-dot-co do believe in the spirit of sharing for Natural (Humanic) Betterment ..

.. ( even if any ‘learning’ might take the form of, “And now, children .. this is an example of what – most definitely – not to do!! ” ).

(c) + All rights reserved.

Thanks, if applicable, for your (Humanic – .. not necessarily personal) respect.